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Recommended Videos

These are some of my recommended YouTube and Vimeo videos available on the internet

These videos are hosted outside of this website and are suggested for information only

Physics of Scuba

Presented by the Department of Physics, University of Utah. It is a good introduction to some of the physical concepts involved in scuba diving, filmed in Hawaii.

The Diver's Ear - Under Pressure

Presented by Dr Edmond Kay, University of Washington. This is an informal seminar about problems divers get with their ears, especially equalisation.

Decompression Controversies

Presented by Prof Simon Mitchell, University of Auckland. An excellent presentation especially looking at the evidence around deep stops.

Breath-hold diving after scuba - can it cause decompression illness?

Presented by Petar Denoble, DAN South Africa. A podcast discussing this important topic, especially as many scuba divers consider freediving during the surface interval between scuba dives.

How good is your emergency action plan

Presented by Marty McCafferty, Divers Alert Network. A presentation on what you need to be prepared for diving incidents.

Dive accident managament

Presented by Nick Bird, Divers Alert Network. A discussion on how to manage diving accidents.

The Bends - diagnosis and treatment

Presented by Christopher Logue, Divers Alert Network.

Immersion Pulmonary Oedema explained

Presented by Dr Peter Wilmshurst at the 2017 BSAC conference.

Human Factors in Diving

Presented by Gareth Lock. An excellent presentation on the influence of human factors on diving accidents.