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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Question 1, How long do medicals last?
  2. Question 2, Why are all medicals not the same price?
  3. Question 3, Can I appeal the outcome of the medical?
  4. Question 4, How can I pay for the medical?
  5. Question 5, My spoken English is not very good. Can you provide an interpreter?
  6. Question 6, Can a child under 18 years of age come by themself to the assessment?
  7. Question 7, Can I dive on this medication....?
  8. Question 8, I only intend doing shallow dives, so do I really need a medical?


Answer 1:

HSE diving medical certificates are valid for one year. They cannot be extended. OGUK medical certificates are valid for 2 years. They cannot be extended. Fit to recreationally dive medical certificates are usually valid for 1 year, although UKDMC certificates for BSAC may be valid for longer periods.

Answer 2:

The cost of medicals is based on what needs to be examined and how long the assessment takes. There are additional costs for consumables used and any registration fees. There are also additional costs to cover all regulatory and insurance expenses.

Answer 3:

Appeals for HSE medicals may be made to the HSE, for OGUK medicals to Oil & Gas UK. For UKDMC recreational medicals appeals may be made to the UKDMC. For RSTC medicals there is no direct appeal, but you are able to get a second opinion from another doctor.

Answer 4:

Payment is due at the medical assessment. Payment may be made by cash, cheque or Credit / Debit card with a PIN. When a company is paying the bill an invoice will be issued and payment must be received within 28 days or the certificate will be cancelled. This may lead to a prosecution if the certificate was a legal requirement.

Answer 5:

Unfortunately we cannot provide interpreters but you are welcome to bring one yourself.

Answer 6:

Diving is considered to be a dangerous activity and it is essential that the applicant is old enough to appreciate and understand the dangers. Therefore all children under the age of 18 years must attend with a parent or guardian.

Answer 7:

Whilst some medications are known to be harmful when diving, most have not been investigated for their effects at depth. It is usually the reason why that medication has been prescribed that it far more important in the assessment.

Answer 8:

The greatest pressure changes are in the shallow depths, so it is here that most problems arise. Serious lung barotrauma has been recorded at less that 2m depth, so even diving in a swimming pool is not without risk!