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Key Points

Private, not NHS ...

The NHS does not provide any specialised underwater medical services. Fit for Diving and fitness to work Offshore medicals are not available at NHS expense.

Convenient appointments ...

Appointments are available most weekdays, some weekday evenings and Saturday mornings. There are usually appointments available within 1 working day.

Certificates normally issued at the appointment ...

When you contact us to book an appointment we enquire about your medical problems. This allows us the check that you are booking the correct medical, know what information that you will need to bring with you and how much the assessment will cost. This results in 99% of assessments being completed in the appointment allowing a medical certificate to be issued.


"Just a quick note to say it was a pleasure to meet you and thank you for signing me off for diving. I thought you might like to know that I did a pool dive last night and everything was perfect. No pain, discomfort or any problem with breathing - perfect pool session before my trip in 2 weeks. Thanks again for your help and look forward to seeing you again."

"Just to let you know I completed my open water dives in Zanzibar. I had some amazing dives & all went very well. Thanks again for your support."



A bit about our team...

SDBA Medicals Ltd provides a service to the diving and offshore industry...

SDBA Medicals Ltd was set up to provide a medical assessment service for the Prison Service's officers needing to perform cell rescues from smoke and fire incidents. These officers needed to use Short Duration Breathing Apparatus and were required to be certified as medically fit to use this equipment. Hence the name SDBA.

Following developing an expertise in these assessments it logically followed to expand to other occupations needing to use breathing apparatus - divers. Commercial divers wishing to work in UK waters must have the HSE Diving Medical Certificate (MA2) along with recreational diving instructors and divemasters who work for commercial companies. Mark has been approved to perform these medicals since 2005. Some of these divers also needed the Oil & Gas UK offshore certificate, hence also offering these assessments.

Recreational divers may also need medical certificates due to their medical problems. Most GPs will no longer perform sport diving medicals, so again SDBA Medicals Ltd offers this service.

Meet the team...

We are a small family business.

Mark Downs

Mark Downs

Mark qualified as a doctor from Westminster Hospital Medical School, London in 1983. Following a variety of hospital training jobs he became a GP in 1988.
In 2003 Mark learnt to scuba dive in the UK and became addicted to the pleasures of being underwater. An interest in underwater medicine quickly followed and now he works exclusively as a diving and offshore doctor.
Mark performs all of the medical assessments.

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Joanne Downs

Joanne is a Registered General Nurse. She has worked in Gastrointestinal surgery, ITU and GP Practice nursing.
Joanne looks after all the administration and the behind the scenes work that keeps the company running smoothly.



Maia's duties include greeting you at the door, giving you a good sniff and approving your entrance.
If you don't like dogs, then let us know and we will give her the day off!